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Looking For Eviction Notice Template?

By | April 12, 2012

This is the first requirement from any landlord of any commercial or residential property to have a good relationship with the tenant. At the same time it is duty of the tenant to avoid any delays in the payment and should avoid those acts which damage the property or compromise the safety. Both of the parties should take care of their responsibilities which both of them agreed upon while signing the lease or rental agreement in the proper maintenance of the property. This is the basic and the foundation of a good landlord-tenant relationship.

With all the previous good landlord-tenant relationships unfortunately, it is not out of question and unavoidable that in some cases and circumstances, the relationship between the tenant and landlord will end up in sour. When the disputes between landlord and tenant can no longer be resolved and there are no further remedies, or there is a breach of agreement from the tenant side then tenant eviction becomes only possible option.  For this ethically awful but very legal act eviction notice is issued by the landlord to the tenant.

Since landlord had also bind with the agreement so it is important for the landlord to understand that tenant eviction may not be an option without any legal limitations. With written legal agreement tenants are also protected by law, and have the right to sue the landlord if there is any breaching of contract from the landlord side or the property owner wants the tenant to vacate the property without proper eviction notice. The eviction needs to go through to a proper process, which needs proper documentation. Hence, property owner should have valid, reasonable, arguable and defendable legal justifications for evicting a tenant and these should be reflected in the eviction notice so as the tenant fully understands why he or she is being evicted.

Assuming that it has been decided covering all the legal formalities that tenant eviction is essential, given that the proper documents have been drafted, the landlord is obligated to notify through eviction notice beforehand the tenant that he or she is going to be evicted. The eviction notice depends on the terms of tenancy which were agreed while signing the agreement. Different tenancy types cater different notice periods. In annual tenancy landlord must need to give at least three months notice period. In quarterly tenancy requires at least forty-five days notice period is requires. Similarly monthly tenancy requires at least fifteen days notice period and weekly tenancy requires at least seven days notice period.

Eviction notice is essential for both landlords and tenants. This will give time to both parties to look for other opportunities. It is legally and ethically necessary for Landlords to search for other prospects and to give time to tenants to search for other landlord or property.

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